Update Your Going Out Style…3 Fall Fashion Trends

Styles change year to year for women’s dresses and skirts. Though you’ll want to wear your seasonal favorite dresses & skirts, update the way you wear them to be trendy and stylish for the season.

passe style mini skirt and knee high boots passe style mini skirt with knee high boots in black updated passe style leather and suede mini skirt with over the knee boots passe style shoe booties and dress

Mini Skirts & Dresses with Knee-High Boots.  Re-style mini-skirts and dresses with over the knee boots or shoe booties.

-Knee-high boots stop at a wider part of your leg due to your calves and often are not fitted properly to your leg. The amount of skin shown between the skirt and the boot can chop your body into sections versus a fluid look. Leather is tougher to get a snug fit for boots. Opt for suede this season for a stylish & trendy fit.

passe style bandage dress pink passe bandage dress champagne updated passe style bandage skirt with suede top passe style party dress passe style black lace dress

Bandage Dresses Bandage or Body-Con Dresses were once the hot dress to wear via designers such as Hervé Léger. Re-style bandage dresses and skirts layering chiffon, suede, or leather blouses and vests over top. Opt for a fresh dress style with one parted fitted and one part flowy which is more alluring.

passe style solid mini skirt updated passe style leather top and print skirt fringe leather skirt fringe mini skirt and animal print bag

Solid Color Skirts This style is dated.  Knee-length pencil skirts and dresses in bold colored suede and leather are must haves. Opt for rich burgundy, purple, berry, navy, or gray.  Print mini skirts draw the eye with trendy style.  Leather, fringe, and feathered skirts are the hottest textures to wear for solid colors.

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