Trendy Looks for Men’s Boots

Wearing boots is not just having the swagger to pull this off, but how to style the boots with your pants or denim to give that trendy, current vibe.  The style of boot you wear should fit with the leg line of the pants and determines if it is a dressier look or more casual.  Trendy looks for workwear are slim cuffed pants with the shaft of the boot partially showing, or a slim uncuffed pant showcasing the upper (part of the boot with the design that covers your foot).  Denim and casual pants look stylish cuffed or pushed inside the shaft of the boot.  Here’s how to kick it in trendy boot looks.

Boots look stylish with cuffed trousers, perfect for the office to an evening out.  The key is the right fit and fabric of the pants. A narrower leg line looks best when cuffed for a more polished look.  Looser leg lines tend towards more casual wear.

Straight pants or ‘cuff-less’ pants give a more modern take on stylish dresswear.  The uppper part of the boot is shown wear a trendy wingtip or multi-texture boot to add some flare.

Tucked in the trousers is an edgy, trendy style for men’s boots.

Cuffs above the boot shaft is a trendy style for casual style.  This look works well with colored denim, regular denim or chino’s.

Shop these trendy styles: Create a Stir Leather Wingtip Bo - Boots - Kenneth Cole

Tricker’s ‘Eaton’ / Kenneth Cole / John Varvatos

Role Model Leather Crosshatch Boot - Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole / Jil Sander

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