5 Key Pieces to Transition to Fall Fashion

As the weather starts to cool off, stores are filled with fall fashion. Transition your summer look into fall with these 5 key pieces: metallic oxfords, bomber jackets, sleeveless trench, metallic midi skirts, and chunky high heels. These pieces work easily with ankle length trousers, layered with summer sundresses, or styled with summer’s lightweight chiffon or silk tops. Pair a … Read More

Update Your Going Out Style…3 Fall Fashion Trends

Styles change year to year for women’s dresses and skirts. Though you’ll want to wear your seasonal favorite dresses & skirts, update the way you wear them to be trendy and stylish for the season. ¬† updated¬†¬† Mini Skirts & Dresses with Knee-High Boots. ¬†Re-style mini-skirts and dresses with over the knee boots or shoe booties. -Knee-high boots stop at … Read More

Retire The Skinny Denim & Riding Boots…5 Fresh Fall Trends

Fall season hits and ladies pull out their fall outfit of denim or leggings and riding boots. ¬†You see this look everywhere…but do you want to look like everyone else? ¬†Wear this 5 fall fashion trends to update your look for the season with mini skirts, maxi skirts, shorts & tights, capes & poncho’s, and long sweaters or vests. A … Read More

Downtown Remix: Edgy Fall Fashion

As fall temperatures hit, re-vamp your style with Fall Season’s edgy re-mix. ¬†Intermix falls hottest pieces for a trendy, fresh style. ¬†Ladies…leather, lace, fringe plus leggings with embellishments like leather & zippers are IT for fall. ¬†Accessorize with belts…skinny, wide, with grommets-all belts are in! ¬†Studded and fringe handbags. ¬†Intermix these edgy pieces with luxe and lace to add give … Read More