This Bold Color Button Down Goes From Suit to Jeans

men's gray suit with pink button down shirt and black and white long coat

The pink shirt is a classic, but go bolder in your shirt style, with a contrast collar and cuffs, a striped style or a deeper bolder pink to elevate your suit style from blasé to sharp-dressed man. Your business attire should be on point, from proper work shirts and ties to swaggy, trendy business casual shirts that take you places. … Read More

Men’s Style Tricks to Hide Figure Flaws

Steal these sneaky strategies to dress slimmer and hide figure flaws while looking stylish and fashionable in menswear. Get your style on point with these men’s style tricks for figure flaws. Hide Body Flaws with Small Prints…Camouflaging the problem area with patterns can definitely work. But you have to choose patterns carefully. Small- or medium-scale patterns in the same or … Read More

Make An Inexpensive Suit Look Dapper

Every man owns a suit but make an inexpensive suit look dapper with these style tips.  Whether you wear it daily to work or for evening events, or occasionally, men have purchased a suit(s) on sale or for a deal.  Make the suit work for your body and style.  Look fashionable in how you carry the suit from the tailoring, … Read More