Spring 2018 Fashion Trends…What’s New and Fresh

Flowers are getting ready to bloom and although the weather might still be frigid, spring is truly just around the corner! To add a little sunshine to your day, here are the top four Spring trends we can all look forward to seeing.

America the Great:

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends, America the Great

Call it the Americana movement and get ready to see plenty of stars and stripes, literally. Your closet this spring will be filled with good old red, white and blue hues. From simple navy stripes to a little fringe escape, many designers showed their cheerful spirit rally for some patriotic love. So let’s all jump on board and sail away with this one!

Fancy Pants:

Spring 2018 fashion trends, dressing fancy

The denim staple is getting a little haute couture upgrade, thanks to big name designers. Think “bejeweled”, sequined and the classic jean paired with evening attire. This trend will have you waiting to wear denim 24/7 and frankly with this upgrade I’m sure you can.

Slay in Saturated Colors:

ng 2018 Fashion Trends, bold saturated colors

No neutral grounds here but rather a saturation of Fuschia or Canary Yellow, don’t be afraid to sport the rainbow. Bold hues have sprung up as the go-to trend this Spring. Looking for some inspiration? Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are always ready to show us the way!

Satin & Shine:

8 Fashion Trends, satin and shine

Satin dominated as the fabric of choice for Spring 2018 for two reasons. First, it’s sheen instantly elevates any silhouette. Second, it’s fluid and light nature makes it comfortable to wear day and night. In other words think of satin as sophisticated sass and who wouldn’t want that for Spring.

Written by Adriana Castanon

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