Men’s Stylish Suit Upgrades

Up your suit style and look savvy at the office or a night on the town with these Stylish Suit Upgrades.

Intermix bold prints...from your tie to your pocket square, vest, or suit jacket, prints add panache to your look.

Men's suit style light gray suit jacket with plaid vest and burgundy tie men's suit style blue prints

Unabashedly Bold Colors…find hues that work for you. Deep blues and greens stand out for fall/winter. Olive green and camel color are style statements for warmer weather.

men's suit style blue small tweed men's suit style green suit men's suit style cobalt blue suit and tie

Sizzling Scarvessay stylish and in the know. Exactly how you want people to think of you when you walk into a business meeting.

men's draped scarf with navy suit and print scarf men's suit style gray windowpane suit and blue print scarf men's suit style plaid scarf

Pocket Squares add some flair

men's suit style gray pin stripe suit

Stylish shoes elevate your suit game.

men's suit style blue shoes men's suit style shoes men's suit style silver suit and black stud shoes

Socks seal the deal…

men's suit style blue striped socks with gray suit men's suit style print socks men's suit style blue print socks with gray suit and brown oxfords

Ready to up your suit style? Divine Style offers men’s personal shopping & styling services to give you a head-to-toe fresh look for business or evening suit wear. Follow Divine Style on Instagram for the latest men’s fashion looks.

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