Men’s Spring 2014 Fashion Trends are sizzling this season.  Work in these new styles with what you already wear for a fresh take on the trends.  Double-breasted blazers, Floral Prints, Bright Trainers, and Mirrored Shades are just a few trends to try this spring.

Double-Breasted Blazers are back in style but how you style it for spring is key.  Go for prints, stripes, and bold hues of blue, green, or if you dare Cayenne red or Celosia orange.  Gone are the days of having to match the blazer with the pants so grab a double-breasted blazer and make it pop with a bold-colored shirt and coordinating pant.

men's double breasted spring striped blazer men's double breasted blazer spring blue

Floral Prints are a hot trend for Spring 2014.  Go for a smaller consistent print under a spring coat, blazer, or denim jacket.  Floral pocket squares and ties easily incorporate into your current looks but are trendy.  Floral lined cuffs and necklines of men’s button down shirts are a must-have for spring!

men's floral print men's floral print and striped jacket

Bright Trainers add pep to your step this spring.  Throw on bright kicks to upgrade your denim or casual looks.  Bold hues such as neon green, yellow, turquoise, and fuchsia are the hots shades.  

 men's bright trainers

Mirrored Lenses or Sunglasses add trendy chic style and color to your look.  Ensure that the frame style fits your face well but generally aviators are the most versatile.  New hues such as orange and pink are the hottest trends.

men's mirrored shades men's mirrored shades orange

What trend will you be trying first this spring?

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