Matte vs. Gloss…Which Lip Trend Are You?

Matte vs. Gloss, Which Lip Trend are you?, fall lipstick colors

Achieving a certain style goes beyond clothes and accessories. When completing your outfit, the right choice of makeup can really be the key to tying it all together. With all these lip trends emerging, how do you decide between gloss vs. matte?

Lip Gloss has recently made a comeback from being “out of style” for a long time and this is something we are certainty excited about! A glossy lip is perfect when going for a subtle, glam everyday look.


-Plumps your lips, making them appear fuller,

-Helps achieve a youthful appearance,

-Easy application.


-Sticky formulas can leave lips feeling gluey.

Matte Lipstick is a classic that gives off a sophisticated look. Pair a matte lip with an evening dress for an old Hollywood glam look or opt for an edgy look pairing a matte lip with distressed jeans, a leather jacket, and booties.


-Long- lasting,

-No smudging (does not leave marks on cups, teeth, etc.)


-Requires longer prep time and a more precise application.

If you are feeling playful and flirty go for a glossy lip. If you want to achieve a sophisticated, sexy look you can never go wrong with a matte lip.

*Written by Alessandra Miani.

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