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Developing or refining your personal style starts with a reflective personal analysis aimed at answering your fashion questions while highlighting the best colors, shapes and silhouettes for a trendy, chic, and unique individual style. The Personal Style and Image Consultation can be done in-person or virtually. This transforms your thought process on how you look, enabling you to look and feel better via what you wear.


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Divine Style gives clients the ability to discover their best, most stylish selves. Divine Style doesn’t just style clients; we give them a self-esteem boost. As a result, they look like the person they’ve always felt inside. Our focus is on helping you refine your personal style and how you carry yourself. Transform your style with Divine Style’s individual, group, or VIP styling services.

Divine Style shops for and creates new outfits, complete with shoes and accessories, that accentuate your new personal style, both professionally and personally. Let us take the worry out of shopping, bringing new designers and pieces to suit you in the comfort of your own home. We create a fresh new look while you sip cocktails and enjoy a relaxing experience.

What’s Included:
  • 30-minute ‘Style Awakening’ phone session with Divine Style
  • Eye-opening style exercise that will help you discover your fashion habits
  • A personalized ‘Style Roadmap’ visually outlining your new sense of style
  • Divine Style shops and styles a variety of looks for you while you go live your life!
  • 3-hour in-person styling session to preview, try on and fit all outfits with Divine Style
  • A personalized goodie bag filled with products to make you look & feel your best
  • Style notes on how to wear and style your new clothing, shoes, and accessories

Choose Your Focus

Option 1: Business Savvy Style (career and work wear)

If your look is not elevating your career, then this option is for you. Whether you are interviewing, got a promotion and new job title, or wanting to elevate your office attire, dressing Business Savvy is key to hone your talents and advance your career + paycheck. From custom suits or power dressing to business casual style, Divine Style shops for looks to enhance & elevate your career.

Option 2: Get Your Sexy Back (date night, night on the town, evening out attire)

Whether recently divorced, newly single, or wanting to add sexiness back in your relationship, the  ‘Get Your Sexy Back‘ styling package creates date night or night on the town outfits for you to WOW! Learn what to wear for various style events so you are sexily ready to head out for the night or a weekend away.

Option 3: Trendy  (weekend and casual attire)

Infuse fun and style into your weekend and evening attire. Look casually chic in how your outfits are put together. Having the proper attire and know how for what to wear, allows you to experience life to the fullest while looking your best.

Option 4: Wardrobe Re-fresh

From back-to-basics such as t-shirts, casual shirts, denim & more, this shopping experience is used to fill in pieces in your closet to complete your wardrobe.

VIP styling and Personal Shopping is perfect for a total, head-to-toe stylish transformation. Let’s face it you deserve a treat! Divine Style’s VIP Styling session is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Be treated like an A-list celebrity with a style transformation; that includes style, beauty, hair, and perks fit for a star. There is no better way to pamper yourself!

What’s Included:

  • 30-minute ‘Style Awakening’ phone session with Divine Style
  • Eye-opening style exercise that will help you discover your fashion habits
  • A personalized ‘Style Roadmap’ visually outlining your new sense of style
  • Style notes on how to wear and style your new clothing, shoes, and accessories

VIP Bonus Styling Features

  • Professional hair and makeup session with top beauty stylists
  • Private styling session with Divine Style + on-site tailor to fit your clothes perfectly
  • Snacks and beverages of your choice
  • Personalized gift bag with items to enhance your new A-list look

With Divine Style’s Closet Cleanse & Outfit Creation, get a new look in the privacy of your own home. Divine Style teaches you the best fits, lengths, cuts, fabrics, and styles to wear, creating new outfits with what you own. Complete with style notes and a detailed shopping list for a modern, fashionable style.

What’s Included:
  • Organize and synthesize your closet maximizing what you keep and wear
  • 3-hour in-person styling session for you & your closet
  • Style tips for best fit, necklines, sleeves and styles to wear for tops, dresses, pants, skirts or suits
  • Outfit creation for work, date night, vacation, weekends, and event re-styling what you own
  • Re-fresh your denim style learning tips & tricks to get the proper fit making your bottom pop and elongate your legs
  • Learn how to accessorize your look mastering the art of jewelry for each outfit
  • Style notes summarizing your one-on-one styling session plus personalized shopping list
  • A personalized goodie bag filled with items to make you look & feel your best
  • Digital Lookbook of images of the outfits created, making getting dressed seamless and fun

Learn what your personal style says about you. From what you wear to the colors, fits, fabrics, and styles all create your image. Divine Style teaches you how to look trendy and modern for at any age, lifestyle, or size all in what you wear.

What’s Included:
  • Head to Toe evaluation of your personal style from hair, makeup, accessories to clothing and shoes
  • Learn the proper fit for pants, denim, tops, blouses, shirts, jackets/blazers, skirts and dresses to enhance your figure and lifestyle
  • Style tips to modernize your looks
  • Style notes with detailed tips on what to wear and how to put together looks for business, weekend, casual or evenings out
Have a group of friends or colleagues who want to learn more about fashion? Turn your style transformation into an event with up to 10 of your closest friends. Divine Style turns fashion into a party with their group styling package. You and your closest friends or colleagues will learn how to make better style choices, how to dress for events, sophisticated ways to shop, and walk away with a useful (and stylish) goodie bag.

What’s Included:
  • Trend report to gain knowledge on current fashion trends and styles
  • Style Q&A on personal style
  • Style tips for putting together a head-to-toe look
  • Goodie bags filled with styling tools and resources to achieve fantastic personal style