How to Create Your Personal Style

As a personal stylist in Washington, DC I help refine client’s styles and teach them how to create their own unique signature style. Women consistently state that they buy and wear the same colors and style of pants and tops. Learning different silhouettes that work well for your body and how to create depth in an outfit is key. While Divine Style teaches clients steps to creating a unique look, these style tips below will get you started in creating personal style.

  • Add panache with colors & prints. If neutrals are your thing, look for interesting silhouettes or prints in your neutral palette. Wear head-to-toe one neutral color adding interesting shoes and jewelry to pull together your style.
  • Intermix types of silhouettes to create a bolder look. The biggest style hurdle I have clients try to get over is buying the same fit or style of shirts and pants, particularly year after year or in the same color palette, such as black, gray or navy. It looks drab to wear the same style repetitively with people’s eyes glossing over you. Whether you like neutral colors or opt for vivid brights and prints, vary the neckline from v-neck to one-shoulder, halter, flowy or off the shoulder and the sleeve types including bell sleeves, ruffle, cape, dolman and more. Changing the neckline and sleeve styles add depth even if you wearing the same color.
  • Change up your typical style, with unexpected pairings. Pair romantic blouses and dresses with edgier or classic pieces to create a diverse juxtaposition which is unique and eye-catching, such as chiffon blouse with a leather biker jacket, or a lace top with a leather pencil skirt and studded high heels. From classic to conservative, bohemian, edgy and more, changing up your typical style compliments your body and is fashion forward.
  • Create depth with interesting fabrics. Tweed, silk, lace, chiffon, metallic, leather, jacquard, crepe, cashmere, camel hair, mohair are must-have fabrics but how you style multiple fabrics together with different weaves and textures is attention grabbing.
  • Make it a goal to try things on at a boutique or store that normally wouldn’t be your style. Many pieces don’t have hanger appeal but look fabulous on. Unexpected pieces in new colors, prints, and silhouettes can surprise you with how great they can look.
  • Update your accessories to pull together your look. Accessorizing is the easiest way to have a fresh style by simply knowing types of necklaces and bracelets to wear with each sleeve or neckline. Ask yourself, when was the last time you bought new accessories? Avoid cheap jewelry which tends to tarnish your neck. Buy fashion jewelry (typically $50-$400) whose designs are more unique and quality is superior. Each outfit should have anywhere from 2-5 pieces if stacking rings/bracelets. Don’t overdo it piling on too many pieces instead accentuate. Small earrings and 16″ necklaces with a small pendant or drop are passé.
  • Great fitting denim is a MUST for any woman. From the legline to fit at the waist and where the pocket sits on your bottom, denim that fit well and lay properly make you look trendier and more stylish. Many department stores have denim concierges who should be able to show you the best fit and styles. If not, bring a friend who wears denim that fits her well. If not, hire Divine Style and we’ll teach you the tricks for trying on denim and the ideal colors and silhouettes to wear.

For help defining and creating your signature style, check out Divine Style’s women’s and men’s styling services, where we customize a styling package that suits you virtually or in person.