Comfortable & Fabulous…It’s Possible!

Comfortable and chic are two words not commonly thought of together…yet they can be.  It is easy to remain comfortable but put together stylish looks for yourself that feel like you are wearing loungewear or yoga gear.  It’s all in the fabrics and fit of your pieces. Being comfortable and chic all depends on how you feel inside and that shows in how you carry yourself!  Find outfits or pieces that suit your personality and OWN THE LOOK!

My favorite pieces in terms of comfort are rompers and jumpsuits.  Look for fabrics that flow and move with your body.  Accentuate your body’s best feature such as a low back or plunging neckline to make this look not so covered up!  Neckties and belts can look great but often pull fabric and can be restrictive.

Maxi dresses and skirts can look trendy and stylish at any age, height, and size.  Halter necklines look flattering on maxi dresses.  Silk……(fabrics)Pair a slinky maxi skirt with a fitted top (lace, tshirts, chiffon tee’s, and tops) and comfortable sandals or flats.  


BCBGMaxAzria  /  Luca Luca

Tops– Look for fit and fabrics that move with you.  Light knit sweater fabrics and chiffon hang beautifully and are lightweight for the summer heat.

A flattering look with a chiffon top gathered under her bustline.  Comfortable to wear as this style top drapes and hangs away from the body.

Accessories make any outfit stand out.  Choose pieces that make a statement with any top or dress you are wearing.  The larger or bolder the better!  This dresses up any top or piece.

Need help finding your comfortable and chic look?  Want to spice up your style?  Divine Style DC offers personal shopping, and styling services.  How can we make you look and feel fabulous?

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