It’s an arm party for pretty jewelry!  Stacked bracelets are a hot trend to wear.  Intermix larger bracelets with smaller and varying size stones and bling to make a statement on your wrist.    Watches POP by adding chunky and smaller bracelets to stand out.

Be careful when layering your bracelets that you don’t pile on too many.  The bracelets shouldn’t stack half way to your elbow.  Generally 4-5 bracelets is a good number to try all depending on the size and amount of bling.  Also vary the style of the bracelets to add dimension so you don’t over do it.

Style NO’s


Let’s get this arm party started!

Silver Stackable Bracelets

Cheap & So Chic

Bauble Bar Ice Cupid Bangle

Cheap & So Chic Kris Bracelet 

Hematite Stackable Bracelets

Bauble Bar Ice Leaf Cuff

Gold Stackable Bracelets

Marlyn Schiff Crystal Cuff

Bauble Bar Rose Pyramid Cuff

Marlyn Schiff Crystal Rounds Cuff 

  Marlyn Schiff Leopard

Marlyn Schiff Elephants

Marlyn Schiff Leopard Cuff Marlyn Schiff Elephants Cuff

Chunky Bracelets with BLING

Marlyn Schiff Leopard Bracelet

Cheap & So Chic Gina Bracelet

Ann Taylor Baroque Bracelet

Marlyn Schiff Leopard Bracelet Cheap & So Chic Gina Bracelet 

My local favorite boutiques to shop for stackable bracelets are Lou Lou’s (locations in MD, DC, and NoVA), Bauble Bar, and Lilac Bijoux Annapolis.


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