7 Accessories to Update Your Style in 2017

Accessory Trends 2017 white ankle boots and red orange print dress Milan fashion week new

Jewelry, Handbags & Shoes that POP!

Be a style star in 2017 wearing these 7 handbag, jewelry, and shoe trends. From bold style to quirky and unusual, these trends upgrade your look with fresh flare.

3-D Embellished Shoes

Talk about a feast for the eyes! Designers are piling on three-dimensional embellishments, from beads, gems to sequins, these works of art demand a double-take and a spin on the town from office to evening on your feet.

Handbags with Metallic Effects

Metallic shimmer and glimmer is focused to bring about another stunning handbag trend we are all so enthused to get our hands on…metallic handbags. From Chanel’s silvery handbags to Louis Vuitton and Lanvin’s styles, gold metallic’s from Gucci and Proenza Schouler to off-white stunners with glistening hues, this handbag is a MUST HAVE for 2017.


White Ankle Boots

Black booties may be the star of the show, but in 2017 bright white options are stealing the spotlight. Though we’ve seen white ankle boots on bloggers and celebrities, the momentum is just going to pick up in 2017 leading up to spring fashion season!

Ribbon Choker

While choker necklaces were a fashion staple in 2016, upgrade to a ribbon choker for 2017’s freshest style. Whether worn solo or layered with other necklaces, tie up your style with a ribbon choker, in black or dark hues or choose a brighter color to make a bold statement.


Embellished Straps & Handles

From ethnic vibes to hand sewn florals, safety pin and snake handles, carry a handbag whose strap or handle makes its own statement. Fendi opted for colorful studs and ethnic prints while Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen opted for soft furry straps. Bold design is the name of the game for handbags.

Arm Cuffs

Clinch a couple higher up on your forearm like Selena Gomez or let your arm cuffs dangle off your wrists for a embellished jewelry style.

Fur Mules

Keep cozy and stylish in 2017 wearing fur-lined mules. Gucci set this trend on fire. These mules are bold and sensational when worn with tights and a dress or slim ankle length pants.

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