2015 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style

Here are 2015’s biggest fashion and style mistakes + how you can fix these looks to be fashion-forward & stylish.

déclassée… bra mistake black bra white top  or as part of the look… black bra under white lace top lingerie look lace black bra with white tibi top

Wearing a black bra with a light shirt where it is visibly showing in a non-fashionable way is a fashion no-no. Light colored tops call for a skin tone  or nude bra. This lets your bra hide underneath and we instead look at the top and you. Wearing a lace bra as part of your look is fashionable and intended to be seen.

commando thong  commando thong black

While leggings have been huge the last few years, you don’t want to have a VPL or visible panty line. Just because the pants are fitted, people don’t want to see your underwear or thong lines. When trying on leggings, check the rear-view mirror. Seamless thongs and panties lay smoothly underneath garments. Brands such as Commando, who created the first seamless undergarments, and Nubian Skin, specializing in nude tones for women of color, are favorites.

high heels too big gold high heels too big black

Ill-fitting high heels and flats. Walking around town in heels or flats that flop on your feet is both uncomfortable and unstylish. Too large of high heels blatantly show in pictures and people see that your heel doesn’t hug the high heel. Instead get your feet properly measured. Designers such as Shoes of Prey allow you to order the proper fit (narrow, wide width, etc.) and individual sizes for each foot.

miranda kerr

Sexy doesn’t mean showing tons of skin. If you truly believe that sexy means dressing for stereotypical men—teeny-tiny skirts, skintight dresses, low-cut tops—you’re doing yourself and your style a giant disservice. Sexiness is in how you carry yourself. Wear pieces that fit your body and style well and you’ll ooze sex appeal.

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